Welcome to the Boneyard Cycling Team!


Boneyard Cycling started in 2010 encouraging cycling and supporting the local community through sponsor promotion and volunteerism. Our purpose is to enjoy riding bikes, support local businesses, and create a positive influence in the community. In 2015 Boneyard Cycling continues to encourage the local cycling community with racing, riding, and volunteering. This team is a growing force supporting entry-level riders, securing podium finishes and volunteering throughout the area. The team is led by officers: Andy Barram, Joan Vinci, Rob Kerr, Kern Reynolds, Nate Wyeth, and Chuck Thomas.

Participation in the team increases the value for everyone. Your participation in activities creates the vibrant team experience. Standing on the sidelines will only improve your ability to stand on the sidelines. Be active. All team activity helps sponsors and their support will provide stronger support for the team. The more you invest in the team, the more value we have to sponsors, and the more support we will earn. Membership on the Boneyard Cycling team is about participation. If you just want the cool jersey then go buy one at the Boneyard Beer Tasting Room. Team members should be motivated by camaraderie, racing, and support of the community.

Boneyard Cycling is composed of a Race team and a Club team. The Race team is reserved for members who demonstrate a commitment to participation in team activities. Finishing at the top podium step will not suffice, if there is no participation in other team activities, and similarly active and engaged members may be on the Race team without ever reaching a podium. The Race team is filled by invitation only and will be reconsidered annually. The Club squad is an avenue for members to demonstrate their desire for future invitation to the Race team.

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